Sports Apparel – The New And Improved Fashions for Sports Fan

Women's fashions have revitalized the sports apparel market by offering smaller sizes and more form fitting cuts on traditional jerseys and shirts. Now, women can still show team spirit with a little more style and fashion appeal.

This article discusses the various styles of sports apparel that are popular for Spring offering ideas and tips designed for the fashion conscious sports fan.

If you've ever shopped for a female sports fanatic, you'll know that merchandising is still heavily weighed towards the masculine form. Many women love sports as much as men and feel the same need to show their loyalty and support for their team by donning a jersey, t-shirt or hat of their team of choice. Often times however, women have to wear mens or youth sizes which do not really accentuate the female figure.

Sports apparel manufactures have wised up to the growing number of female fans and recognized that women make up 40% of their consumer audience. Many companies like Nike and Reebok have finally clued in on the driving purchase power of female fans and designed new lines that are more appealing to women. Now women fans can find capped tees and tank tops available for women of all shapes and sizes. The figure fitting designs accentuate a women's body instead of squaring it off as in previous times.

In addition to form fitting tees and tanks, women can now find NBA jerseys, MLB jerseys and NFL jerseys that are not only in women's sizes but come with feminine embellishments such as rhinestones, embroidery and softer fabrics. Shorts, sandals and even pajama outfits are very popular among the female sports enthusiasts.

If you're shopping for women or kids, you'll probably want to stick to the replica jerseys or even select jerseys specifically made for youth and women's sizes. The material used on replica jerseys is softer and more comfortable. Many stores offer women's versions of sports apparel, but I like to shop online and search for the stores that carry women's and youth sizes. This way, I know before I go if I'm going to find styles that are too my liking.

Some women are such sports fanatics, they do not care what they wear or how they look, while others still want to look pleasant and fashionable. Either way, the world of women's sports apparel has evolved to include items that will please female fans of all makes and sizes. So while you are shopping for yourself or looking for a gift for an avid sports fan, NBA jerseys, MLB jerseys and NFL jerseys as well as t-shirts and capped tees are a great way to support your team of choice and make a loved one shine in style.

Source by Sam A. Brown

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NFL Replica Jerseys – A Must Have for NFL Fans

You know that football season has begun when you see almost everyone wearing NFL jerseys all over the place. There are fans some who wear the NFL authentic jersey while majority are wearing NFL replica jerseys.

Actually, wearing NFL jersey is not just a fad but it is more likely part of a lifestyle that loyal football fans use to show their undying support to their team. Loyal football fans can really attest that wearing NFL jersey add more pride to them knowing that they are one with the valiant players playing in the field.

So, if you really consider yourself a loyal football player, then you must have a NFL jersey in your closet. But the question now is what will you buy? Do you want authentic jerseys? Or do you prefer NFL replica jerseys?

But what is really the difference between NFL authentic jerseys and NFL replica jerseys? NFL authentic jersey is always a great deal. These are made the same way jerseys are made for the players. You can say that a jersey it is authentic when it is made of a heavy fabric, twill numbers and has extra stitching for added protection. This type of jersey also has a NFL logo.

These authentic jerseys are really of great quality but these jerseys are really quite pricey.

Meanwhile, NFL replica jersey is very similar in terms of appearance with the authentic jerseys. It is made with thin mesh material and the numbers at the back are quality printed. It is characterized with drop tail and also has NFL label and equipment shield that are sewn in the collar like the one you see in authentic jersey.

NFL replica jersey is one great way to show that you support your team. It is like holding a boom microphone announcing to the whole town that you are a true supporter of your fave team without robbing your pockets because NFL replica jersey is cheaper than the NFL authentic jersey.

NFL replica jerseys are not really heavy compared to authentic jerseys are made of but replica jerseys are really very cool to wear plus the fact that it really looks good. And that is really what matters for football fans. At the market today, you can avail NFL replica jerseys around around forty dollars to seventy-five dollars apiece.

For those who need larger sizes, do not worry, NFL replica jerseys are can also be avail at larger sizes. Additional charges apply for larger sizes. And who says that football is only for men? Women now can also avail NFL replica jerseys.

NFL replica jersey is great an outfit for women who enjoys supporting her fave team without losing femininity.

In the end, it can be said that you are short in supporting your team if you do not own any NFL jerseys, and though we know that NFL authentic jersey is really expensive, that still not excuse because there are NFL replica jersey that are affordable and can really show your support without sacrificing quality.

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NHL Season Predictions Part 3: Central

As the NHL season begins year two from its lockout, teams and players are eagerly trying to get ready and make a favorable impression to the rest of the league. This season aims to provide conundrums in terms of victors and loser similar to last year's winners of Carolina, Edmonton, and Buffalo or the losers of Toronto, Boston, and Vancouver. This update I will tackle the Central division in hopes of finding new changes, surprises, and disappointments.

For about the past decade, the Detroit Red Wings have been known as the cream of the crop for what a NHL team should be like. The Wings have won three titles propelling them to elite status with the likes of Yzerman, Federov, and Shanahan. However, with these players currently located on somewhere else, the Detroit Red Wings look like a team of the past, severely impeding their chances of play entrance. It's true the team still has not young stars in Zetterberg, Datsyuk, and Kronwall, but besides these excellent players, the Detroit Red Wings are seriously lagging in most other aspects. Albeit the Red Wings have a solid two lines of defense, depth is seriously missing for the last line, and heaven forbid Lidstrom or Schneider gets injured, the Red Wings could be seriously in defensive trouble, especially when Hasek comes out again. Offensively, the situation is similar as depth is seriously troubling after the first or second line. With notables like Williams and Samuelsson having career years last season, expect Detroit to have trouble in all areas this year which unfortunately will pull them out of the playoffs for the first time in a long period.

The Nashville Predators have continued to evolve each season since expansion and look to provide an excellent season again this year. With notable additions such as Vasicek, Arnott, and Dumont, the Predators add to an already solid team, potentially making them the favorites in the West this year. With one of the best goals in the game in Vokoun, and a solid defense led by Zidlicky and Timonen, the Predators should have absolutely no trouble making the plays, especially when playing in such an easy division. With a lethal power play which only Anaheim or Ottawa can compete with, and young rookies such as Radulov looking to make an impact this season, look for Nashville to be a strong contender in the West as illustrated by their impressive roster.

As the last expansion team in the NHL, the Columbus Blue Jackets have had limited success making the plays compared to other newly formed teams such as Nashville and Minnesota. However, while the Blue Jackets play in a pretty easy division, there are some problems regarding Columbus's lineup which makes me wary of why they should be placed in the playoffs. Offensively speaking, the Blue Jackets look solid with a nice young core in Brule, Zherdov, and Nash. Alongside other notables such as Carter, Modin, and Fedorov, Columbus should have no problem scoring. Defensively is another story unfortunately. Beside Foote and possible Berard if his steroid problem is fixed, the Blue Jackets are strictly limited in this area. Along with the departure of Denis to a lesser goalie in Leclaire, the Blue Jackets may have to score a cornucopia of times each game to compete. While Columbus does seem to look like a success in finding another hockey city, Blue Jacket fans will more than likely be forced to see their team miss the playoffs yet again.

What a mess it has been in Chicago. From a terrible owner to an incompetent team, Blackhawk fans (if any still exist) have endured too much the past decade. While there was a small sense of a shakeup this off season in landing player such as Handzus, Havlat, and Smolinski, the Hawks had to accomplish such a favorable feat by getting rid of their previous stars in Bell and Calder. While the goaltending is solid with Khabibulin regardless of his stats last year, with that terrible defense, Brodeur would have significant trouble protecting the net as well. The first two lines for the Hawks do look solid, but after that you are given fringe players who should probably be in the AHL. The Hawks do have a good prospect base in Barker and Toews amongst others, but for this season do not expect anything spectacular from this depressing team.

Infamously the worst team last season, the St.. Louis Blues went from the being the record holder of consecutive play appearances to a disgrace. However things do look better for Blues fans this season. Adding a bunch of players in Weight, Guerin, Rucinsky, McKee, and Legace among others, the Blues are looking to get back into play action after stealing Erik Johnson in the draft. The pecicular idea behind this ideal is that this situation might work. A lot of the players the Blues signed underachieved last season, and with the right motivation you could see a possible playoff team. With a solid indemnity, a solid defense, and good goaltending dyad, the Blues have the keys to possibly slip in. The only problem I can foresee however is the lack of chemistry during the beginning of the season which unfortunately could cost them a play spot. However, if St. Louis manages to keep the same group of players in later years, expect the Blues to be singing anything but that in the near future.

Final Central Results for the 2006-2007 Season (Rank based on Western standings):

2. Nashville Predators

9. St. Louis Blues

10. Detroit Red Wings

14. Columbus Blue Jackets

15. Chicago Blackhawks

Source by Dennis Biray

Doc’s NHL Power Rankings (4th Edition)

The NHL season is already into the 2nd half of the season, as the leagues prepares to shutdown for 2 ½ weeks to give way to the Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy. It will be very interesting to see how the teams respond once the break is completed. This long of a layoff certainly will affect the performance of the athletes, especially those not taking part in the games. This also is a major obstacle in handicapping the league and I would encourage you do cut back on the amount of action in the NHL until the teams have a full week of play under their belt.

Doc’s has been red hot in hockey as we picked up 12 units last night going 3-0, winning the games by an average of three goals per contest. We will carry this momentum into Friday’s card when we are set to release our NHL Game of the Month for February. This will be the only five-unit selection that we release in February and is the perfect way to go into the break on a positive note.

The Carolina Panthers have blown by the Ottawa Senators as the cream of the crop in the NHL. This team is young, but that has not factored, as Martin Gerber continues to get the job done between the pipes. This team recently bolstered their offense be acquiring Doug Weight from the St. Louis Blues. Will he provide the veteran leadership to carry them to the top? Only time will tell.

A team that has been struggling of late is the Philadelphia Flyers. They have lost three straight games and the loss of Peter Forsberg appears to be catching up to them. They need to stay within striking distance with the New York Rangers until Forsberg returns if they still have hopes of winning the Atlantic Division. The break could not have come at a better time for the Flyers.

The following is a list of the top-10 teams in the National Hockey League according to Doc’s Power Ranking.

1)Carolina Panthers- Everything appears in line for the Hurricanes to claim the top spot in the league. As of this writing, they have a three-point cushion and play in a weak division where they can pile up points against Florida, Washington, Tampa Bay, and Atlanta. Assuming the Erics stay healthy, this team will be a tough out in the playoffs.

2)Ottawa Senators- The Sens have cooled off a little after a blistering start to the NHL season. This team has the make-up of a champion, with strong offense and a veteran goalie that has won big games in the past. They are still receiving pressure within the division from Buffalo and the winner of this race will likely host the first two rounds of the playoffs. The loser will only get one round home ice advantage.

3)Detroit Red Wings- The Wings have separated themselves from the Nashville Predators and appear to have taken control of the central. This is bad division, as only two teams will be making the playoffs. The Wings still must win games via their offense, as their goaltending is shaky with Manny Legacy in net. He continues to allow bad goal to get through him and that will keep them out of the Stanley Cup Finals.

4)Dallas Stars- The Stars have taken control of the Pacific leading by 12 points over the Kings. Marty Turco is a big time goalie and just signed an extension to stay with the team. This team likes to keep the score low and that is usually how games are decided once the playoffs come in April. This team is impossible to beat in a shootout, as they have emerged victorious in all eight of their chances this season.

5)Buffalo Sabres- The Sabres have quietly kept pace with the Senators despite not being picked up on the national radar. Marty Biron and Ryan Miller are both capable of winning big games in net. With Chris Drury holding down the captaincy, Buffalo could make to the Eastern Conference Finals.

6)New York Rangers- The Rangers have played outstanding hockey despite being picked as one of the worst team in hockey by numerous publications. This team has scored points in eight of their last ten games and has the best offensive player in the league in Jaromir Jagr. They have also allowed less then three goals per game, which is a formula for success in April.

7)Nashville Predators- The Preds continue to dominate at GEC, winning 21 of their 27 games played downtown. This is a team that did a good job in the off-season acquiring Paul Kariya to bolster the offense. Thomas Vokoun has had a good season in net but I do not see this team advancing past the 2nd round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

8)Calgary Flames- This team has the make-up of a championship team but has failed to distance themselves in the Northwest Division. Just just three points separate four teams, but I feel the Flames will eventually pull away because of their netminder Miikka Kiprusoff. That being said, Jarome Iginla needs to assert himself as one of the best five players in the league. A surprising move was that they traded away Steve Reinprecht for a back-up goalie. I do not understand this trade, but Darryl Sutter has worked magic in the past.

9)Philadelphia Flyers- The Flyers need to tread water for this week, then they can expect a healthy Peter Forsberg to return after the break. They game up a late lead to the Rangers on Saturday and because of that find themselves in second place in the Atlantic. I do not believe the Rangers really scare this Flyer squad and expect them to make another run to regain the top spot in the Atlantic.

10)Vancouver Canucks- This teams has dominated the General Motors Place winning 19 of 25 games played there. The Canucks have a dominating offense led by Markus Naslund, who is just coming back from an injury. I expect this team to make the playoffs but wonder if the will be able to hold off the Flames in the standings.

That is how I rank the top-10 teams in the standing according to strength. There is still a lot of season left to play and with the Olympics looming momentum will definitely shift. Do not forget to sign-up for Doc’s NHL Game of the Month, which will go this Friday, February 10th, 2006. Doc’s has cashed this play at a 75% clip this season.

Early Stanley Cup Prediction: Dallas vs. Ottawa

Source by Jeremy E. Martin

Underrated Players in MLB History

In baseball lore, there legends and gods – Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Cy Young. The legacies of these men are passed on from generation to generation. But outside baseballs Mt. Olympus, there are other greats, greats who have been or will be neglected by history. Here are some of these players, disrespected and underrated.

Bill Dickey, C- Bill Dickey was born on June 5, 1907 in Bastrop, Louisiana. He played his entire career for the Yankees, from 1928-1946. Dickey won seven World Series out of the eight he played in. Following his career, he managed the Yankees for a short span and become a coach, helping Yogi Berra achieve the status as one of the greatest catchers of all time.

Dickey may be the most name recognizable name on the list, as his number is retired and he is in the baseball Hall of Fame. But people underestimate how great he was really was as a hitter and catcher, often looking to Cochrane and his successor Yogi Berra instead.

Dickey's career line was 313 / .382 / .486 / .868 / 127 + with 678 BB to 289 K. His best season was in 1936, when he hit .362 / .428 / .617 / 1.045 / 158 + with 22 HR. Those totals are amazing, and the fact a catcher put those numbers up is mind boggling.

However, Dickey was also a great catcher. Although CS and SB against a catcher were not recorded, many reports say Dickey had a really strong arm. In 1720 games, he had just 76 passed balls. In comparison, the best defensive catcher of all time, Johnny Bench, had 94 passed balls in 1742 games.

Johnny Mize, 1b- Mize was born on January 7, 1913 in Demorest, Georgia. The Big Cat was a slugger for the St. Louis Louis Cardinals from the 1930's-1950. He finished with a line of 312 / .397 / .562 / .959 / 158 + and a final EqA of .330. His best seasons were 1937-1940. Over that span in his early career, Mize received MVP votes each season.

1937: 364/427 / .955 / 1.022 / 172 + with 25 HR
1938: .337 / .222 / .614 / 1.036 / 175 + with 27 HR
1939: .349 / .444 / .628 / 1.070 / 178 + with 28 HR
1940: .314 / .404 / .636 / 1.040 / 176 + with 43 HR

That comes out to an average line of .341 / .424 / .618 / 1.042 / 175 + with 31 HR

Following that "peak" Mize still put up five seasons of an OPS + greater than 150. Mize served in the US Army from '43 -'45, losing what could have been the prime of his career. Is that the reason he is of forgotten? Maybe. But Mize was an all time player.

Career Totals: .312 / .397 / .562 / .959 / 158 + and 359 HR over 6443 AB's.

Roberto Alomar, 2b- Born in Puerto Rico on February 5th in 1968, Alomar is a funny fellow, since he had several good years spread out, not one definite peak. I will do my best to select one and show his other good seasons / career.

His 1992 and 1993 seasons for Toronto were quite good.
1992: .310 / .405 / .27 / .832 / 129 + with 49 SB at a 84% clip
1993: .326 / .408 / .492 / .900 / 141 + with 55 SB at a 78% clip

His next city pit stop was Baltimore, where he had two more good seasons.
1996: .328 / .411 / .277 / .938 / 136 + with 17 SB
1997: 333 / .390 / .500 / .90 / 134 + with 9 SB

But his "peak" was his three years in Cleveland.
1999: .323 / .222 / .335 .955 / 139 + with 24 HR, 37 SB at a 86% clip
2000: 310 / .378 / .75 / .853 / 114 + with 19 HR, 39 SB at a 90% clip
2001: 336 / .154 / .54 / .956 / 150 + with 20 HR, 30 SB at a 83% clip

Average line: 323 / .405 / .921 / 134 + with 21 HR, 35 SB

His final career stats were: .300 / .371 / .443 / .814 / 116 + with 210 HR, 504 2B, 474 SB at an 80% clip and 132.6 WARP3

Pretty great for a 2b right? Well, not only did he hit and run, but Alomar was a premium defender. He has won 10 GG awards, and he won a GG in all seasons pointed out but 1997.

Alomar cleared 30 Win Shares in a season 5 times, and led the league on 3 occasions. He hit .313 in the postseason (230 AB). Coming into 2004, he had 373 career Win Shares, an outstanding total.

Why does not he stand out more? Well, one reason people have not had the time to soak in greatness, since he retired this decade. Moreover, Alomar faded quickly, finishing with five sub par seasons, an image fresher in fans minds than his MVP caliber seasons. Roberto was also good everything- stealing, hitting, and defense- but never stand out. Many people now may remember his name, but do not recognize him as an all time great.

Barry Larkin, SS- Barry Larkin was born on April 28, 1964 in Cincinnati, Ohio, the town in which he would make it big as a professional baseball player. Larkin is the third greatest short stop of all time, second greatest if you discount A-Rod. Yet Larkin is often forgotten about and if remembered, cast aside when talking about all time greats. Barry was another middle infielder that could hit, field, and base run, all impressive for a SS.

For his career, Larkin finished with a line of .295 / .371 / .444 / .815 / 116 + with 379 SB at an 83% success rate, .291 EqA, and 939 BB to 817 K's. Career WARP3 of 121.8

Those numbers are good, but when one considers it was done from a shortstop, it really stands out. Here is a graph showing how the short stop position exploded, once Larkin was on the decline:

During his entire career, the average shortstop hit just .256 / .317 / .361, while Larkin hit .295 / .371 / .444 – an OPS difference of 20.2%. Very few players dominate a position like that for so long and only two big-name shortstops from the past 30 years have out-performed the rest of the position offensively more than Larkin did.

Not only was his bat a bonus from a SS, but he was a quality defender, taking home three Gold Glove awards. His prime seasons were 1995-1998, with 1997 being cut short due to injury.

1995: 319/394 / .492 / .886 / 133 + with 15 HR and 51 SB against 5 CS. Won the Gold Glove.
1996: .298 / .104 / .677 .977 / 154 + with 33 HR and 36 SB against 10 CS. Won the Gold Glove.
1998: .309 / .397 / .504 / .901 / 134 + with 17 HR and 26 SB against 3 CS.

Larkin should be a HOF'er. And yes, he was better than Mr. Cal Ripken Jr. Despite having a ton more HR and 2b, Ripken's slugging percentage is just .03 higher, while trailing Larkin in OBP, OPS, OPS +, SB, EqA, RC / G, and that's not to mention Larkin was the better fielder.

Much like Alomar, Larkin is a recent player so his name is familiar. But he should be more than a familiar name. Larkin was a fantastic short stop who should have a plaque in Cooperstown ever.

Frank Baker, 3b- Frank "Home Run" Baker was born on March 13, 1886 and would become a famous ballplayer for the Philadelphia A's. Not in the same class as Schmidt, Matthews, and Brett at all, but Baker is typically a 3b that people forget because he played in the dead ball era. In fact, he was arguably the best 3b of the pre-war era.

Despite playing in a time of big ball parks and pitcher dominance because of the rules and regulations, Baker managed to hit .307 / .363 / .442 / .805 / 135 +. At the height of his career in 1912, Baker hit .347 / .404 / .451 / .345. That same year the AL's ERA was 3.34 and there were less than 9 hits per game. In context, Baker was terrific and would have had better slugging stats had he played in a different era.

Ralph Kiner, OF- Ralph was born in October of 1922 was a baseball legend for the Pittsburgh Pirates before retiring due to injuries. Currently he is a broadcaster, was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1975.

Kiner is forgotten because he only played ten seasons, nine with 500+ AB's. Yet he was one of the greatest mashers of his generation, and certainly would have hit 500-600 HR's had been able to play into his thirty's.

Kiner finished with the line of .279 / .398 / .48 / .946 / 149 + with 369 HR's. But check out his three best seasons.

1947: 51 HR, 313 / .417 / .639 / 1.056 / 171 +, 9.9 RC / G, 343. EQA
1949: 54 HR, .310 / .432 / .658 / 1.090 / 186 +, 10.7 RC / G, .351 EqA
1951: 42 HR, .309 / .452 / .627 / 1.079 / 184 +, 10.7 RC / G, .355 EqA

Average Line: 49 HR, .311 / .344 / .641 / 1075/181 +, 10.4 RC / G, .350 EqA

Simply amazing. Ted Williams created a listed using his secret formula, and concluded Ralph Kiner was the 20th best hitter of all time. It's a shame he does not receive that type of accolade.

Harry Heilman, OF- Born in 1894 in the town of San Francisco, the man known as 'Slug' was one of the best sluggers in baseball history, yet many people do not even recognize his name. He played for Detroit through the dead and live ball eras.

His final career stats are just amazing. He hit .342 / .410 / .520 / .930 / 148 + with 856 BB to 550 K. Heilman's best season came in 1923, at the age of 28. Heilman hit .403 / .441 / .632 / 1.113 / 194. + with 44 2b, 18 HR, and almost twice as many BB as K's.

Why was he not known? Maybe it was because he played long ago, but Heilman is someone who should be revered as an all time great.

Al Simmons, OF- On May 22, 1902, Simmons was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Sporting News once ranked him as the 43rd greatest player of all time.

He was not a great base runner or fielder, but Simmons is a name that never comes up when talking about all time greats. Simmons starred for Oakland in his hey, hitting to an average of .376 / .419 / .639 / 1.058 / 165 + with 25 HR and a .322 from 1927-1931. Over that span, he slugged over .600 three times, including .708 in 1930.

Simmons sizzled down to a career line of .334 / .380 / .355 / .915 / 132 + with 539 2b and 307 HR.


Addie Joss, SP- Joss was born in 1880. The reason Joss is forgotten is because he played in the dead ball and died early, at the age of 31. But if not for the tragic death, he might be considered just as good as Christy Mathewson.

In 2327 innings, Joss brave up 1888 hits, 19 HR, 364 BB, had a 1.89 ERA, 142 ERA +, and 0.968 WHIP.

He posted an ERA under 2.00 in five of his eight full seasons. He was the All-time career leader in WHIP with .9678. He had the Second best all-time ERA of 1.89. Joss pitched a perfect game in 1908 and another no-hitter in 1910. Won 160 games in less than 9 full seasons. Would have had a long career but illness cut his life short at 31. Think about that again. Finished his career with a 1.89 ERA and a 0.9678 WHIP! That coming over 2300 career innings. And in a time of spit balls, Joss achieved his success without altering the baseball in any way.

Check out his peak years-
1906: 282 IP, 1.72 ERA, 220 H, 43 BB, 151 ERA +, 0.93 WHIP
1907: 338 IP, 279 H, 54 BB, 1.83 ERA, 137 ERA +, 0.98 WHIP
1908: 325 IP, 232 H, 30 BB, 1.16 ERA, 205 ERA +, 0.80 WHIP
1909: 242 IP, 198 H, 31 BB, 1.71 ERA, 149 ERA +, 0.94 WHIP

And oh yeah, in 1904 he also had a great season:
192 IP, 160 H, 30 BB, 1.59 ERA, 160 ERA +, 0.98 WHIP

Look at his 1908 season again. Over 300 IP yet just 30 BB and he kept a 1.16 ERA! It was so good that he was able to put a 205 ERA + when the league ERA was 2.39, the best league ERA during his career.

These men were all giants of the game and should be recognized as giants of the game.

Source by Kimbo Nyce

Golf Swing Physics | Part 1 of 7 | Rotary Swing Golf

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The NFL Lockout Is Turning Everyone Into a Loser – Can not We All Just Get Along?

The decertified NFL players association – which is not, I repeat, not a union – is encouraging incoming players to skip the league's draft festivals in late April if the current lock-out by owners is still going on. Instead, the not-NFLPA is planning to have its own party over the same three days at another location in New York City as an alternative for the draftees so that they do not walk across the stage at Radio City Music Hall and shake the hand of "the man," NFL commissioner Roger Godell. This is akin to a high school having two separate proms down the street from each other. It's bad enough that the NFL itself already has set itself up with a dual-coverage situation by selling broadcast rights to the draft to ESPN, but then still having its own cable network televise the event as well.

Just as we do not need both Chris Berman and Rich Eisen on two channels talking about it, we do not really need spoiled college football players at two different draft events. Hell, 30 years ago the NFL draft was a bunch of guys sitting around a conference table divvying up players from across the country. It was a fantasy football draft before there was such a thing. When ESPN first put it on the air, it was not because they were enlightened geniuses who saw its potential. They just needed programming to avoid showing another rerun of the Scottish Highlands competitions.

The most galling thing, I believe, in the not-a-union NFLPA's request is the part that they've left out when they're talking to the young men that will soon be members of their nonexistent organization. While it is true that the NFL's owners are the ones that embraced the lockout – and, to be honest, that's partly because while each and every one of them made a boatload of cash in one or more ventures, they suddenly turn into morons when it comes to running a sports team – the former NFLPA has already stated its intention of selling the draftees down the river. Most observers have long agreed that one thing that the owners and players have found common ground on is the issue of a rookie wage scale, which will cap the amount of money that players entering the league will be able to make.

That is actually a sound business plan and the players, for their part, are looking at it as a way to drive money to more established players and into funding for retired players. However, do you think that in their invitation to their draft soirée the union happened to mention the young potential millionaires the part about the limited contracts? Do you think that it was signed by the St.. Louis Rams' Sam Bradford, who signed a 6-year, $ 76-million contract, with $ 50-million guaranteed, as last year's number one draft pick? Or, by Detroit's Matthew Stafford, who received a 6-year, $ 78-million contract, with $ 42-million guaranteed, the year before?

Again, were I a business owner, I would also want to pay less for unproven talent. And, were I an established employee, I would want incoming employees to have to earn their keep before getting a bigger piece of the pie. It's the hypocrisy of asking young players to not participate in an event that every player currently in the league had a chance to participate in. The hypocrisy of asking young men not to have their one shining moment of getting to hold up a jersey with their name on it and posing for pictures with their families … a moment that the NFLPA's membership joyfully (for the most part) participated in themselves. There is a long list of potential casualties from the NFL labor strife – local businesses, vendors, parking attendants, etc. – it is not surprising that it did not take long for common sense to fall on the sword.

Source by Dr Rick Vogel

Info About Seattle Seahawks Jerseys

If you are interested in buying Seattle Seahawks jerseys, you definitely need to research information about the various factors that can affect your purchase. One factor that can affect your purchase is the manufacturer of the product you buy. In most cases, it is a very good idea to purchase a product that is licensed by the NFL. There are many football and jersey products available on the market today that are not licensed by the NFL. These products may not match the quality standards that you are looking for. Also, these products may not provide the same presentation and feel that you would expect to have with an official jersey.

The jerseys that are officially licensed by the NFL have the same appearance and feel as the jerseys players actually wear on the field. So, if you want a jersey that is very similar to the jerseys that are worn by your favorite players, if not exactly the same as the jerseys your favorite players wear, you will definitely want to make sure you purchase a jersey produced by an officially licensed manufacturer. When it comes to choosing the right jersey for you, there are other factors you must take into consideration as well in order to make sure you choose the best jersey on the market. First off, you should take into consideration the fact that you can purchase a male or a female jersey. Male jerseys often have a loose fit, while female jerseys often have a tight fit.

Also, you should take into consideration whether you want to buy a jersey that represents the away colors of your team or whether you want to buy a jersey that represents the home colors of your team. As you likely already know, NFL teams wear different colored jerseys when they are playing in away games compared to the jersey colors they wear your during home games. Away jerseys are often white in color, while home jerseys are often a solid color.

If you purchase your jersey from an officially licensed manufacturer, it is likely that your product will be made out of 100% nylon. The nylon is also specially fabricated in order to create a dazzling effect, which is a very shiny effect created for the surface of the jerseys. Sometimes, the sleeves of a jersey are often manufactured in a way to make the shiny effect of the nylon even more dazzling.

The best part about purchasing authentic NFL gear is the fact that there will be authentic NFL patches around the product. These authentic features often add a sense of realism to the jerseys. Even though the quality of the jersey you buy is usually one of the most important factors you must think about when you are buying this type of product, you still need to realize that there will be labels applied to your product as well. When it comes to your jersey’s labels, you must choose the player you would like your jersey to represent. This choice will depict the name and number that is displayed on your jersey. You should also keep in mind that you can purchase custom jerseys, which means you can put your own name and your own preferred number on your jersey.

If you are a Seattle Seahawks fan, it is likely that you will want to purchase a Seattle Seahawks jersey. Seattle Seahawks jerseys are very impressive pieces of clothing when they are produced by an official NFL manufacturer. So, if you purchase a jersey for yourself, or as a gift for another, you can count on your jersey to be a gift to remember.

Source by Michael Zhu