Bank Fishing: How to Catch Every Bass Under a Dock

Tim explains what you need to do to catch as many fish as possible when fishing a dock. Instead of walking up and simply casting to the dock, take a tactical approach, work your angles and systematically catch all the fish.

Equipment Used…

Rod- 7’4″ 3 power:
Reel- Lew’s BB1 Pro:
Line- 15 lb AbrazX Fluorocarbon:

Weight- 1/4 oz. Tungsten Bullet:
Hook- 4/0 Gamakatsu EWG Superline:
Bait- Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver:

Tim explains that the first step to dock fishing from shore is to approach the dock from the down shadow side. Meaning, don’t let your shadow cross the dock, instead keep your shadow behind you. Next, start fishing the structure that is closest to shore and farthest from the center of the dock first.

Slowly cast to each piling of the dock, shadow corner, or other structure. As you fish each piece of cover slowly work out to deeper water. This way any fish you catch will be pulled up into the shallows without crossing over the other fish.

The last cast should be to the very center and darkest part of the shadow under the dock. By the time you’ve reached this cast you should have caught every other fish under the dock.

If you use this method for all of your bank fishing you’re absolutely going to catch more bass! It doesn’t matter if you’re on a big lake like Clearlake (where Tim shot this fishing video) or walking the bank doing some pond fishing. Big lake and small pond bass will all position themselves the same under docks and shadows.

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40 thoughts on “Bank Fishing: How to Catch Every Bass Under a Dock

  1. When you say to tear apart the back part of the beaver, what does the finished product look like? I've never done that and I've noticed that the tails as-is don't give off any action if any.

  2. Hey what do you and Matt think about the Reaction Innovation Kinky Beaver? I picked up a bag yesterday from academy bc they were on sale for $3.48. Normal price is $4.79.

  3. That is amazing info, but unfortunately I can't really apply it do the style of docks used here locally. Due to the fact that duke power lakes the docks have foam pontoons under them.

  4. great vid thx for info but if you were to approach the next dock to you would you walk around it to get to shade side or just stay where you are and start on that side of the dock first?

  5. Thanks Tim, before this video I would be one of those guys casting to the farthest point and dragging through. This will definitely help my dock fishing.. always awesome videos thanks again..

  6. Tim I'd really like to see you guys make a video on how to maximize the rod and reel combinations for shore bass anglers. I typically carry four rod and reel combinations.

  7. The details you two share are awesome! I can't wait to try what you've just explained tomorrow morning. San Diego boy here now living and fishing the Florida waters.

  8. all so I was fishing a bulk/blue buzzbait with a trailer hook and somehow hot s highbred stripper on the trailer hook he took the bait under and I hooked him good but somehow the fish shook the trailer hook I think because it was hanging loosely with the keeper only in place

  9. hi thanks for the tip in my dock situation should I fish in between all the boats or should I cast my bait along the boat line and walking lanes out to the main lake the shallower part of the water is about 5to 6 feet deep there isent no shore line around my docks the mareina is built on am inlet of the main lake and next to bridge thanks again robert

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