Ovechkin's Suspension Shows Inconsistency in NHL Punishments

By now we have all heard that Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals has been suspended 2 games for his hit on Brian Campbell. Was the hit really that bad? Ovechkin did push him late, but it was not a bone crushing hit by any means. I do not think that Ovechkin's hit warrants a 2 game suspension. Campbell hurt himself mainly due to the awkward fall and the speed and momentum with which he was skating.

I admit I am biased as a Capitals fan and would be angry if it had happened to one of our own players. Having said that, I do remember the wicked hit Chris Pronger put on Mike Green last year, which thread Green into the boards and left him with a shoulder injury through the entire plays. I do not think Colin Campbell, head NHL disciplinarian really knows what he is doing anymore. There is no consistency in the penalties and therefore referees and players do not know what is and is not allowed.

We can not say Ovechkin was suspended because he has prior troubles with the NHL. Tampa Bay player Steve Downie has a history. He was suspended 20 games in 2007, his rookie season, for a check to the head. He also had conduct problems in the AHL afterward. In 2009, he slashed an official and received a game misconduct and a 20 game suspension. Well this past Sunday, the same day as Ovechkin's hit, Downie took a dirty hit at Penguins star Sidney Crosby. Downie had no contact with Crosby until after Crosby passed the puck, and then proceeded to knock Crosby into the boards and take out Crosby's legs from behind him. Crosby passed the puck before center ice and Downie hit him near the blue line and fell with him well into Tampa territory. Luckily Crosby was okay. But what did Downie get? A trivial 2 minute penalty and a fine. No suspension. Everyone who knows me or has read this blog knows I hate Crosby. So I would be one of the last to speak up for him. But I do not want him to get hurt and I can see this was a dirty hit.

Another prime example of the inconsistency with the League's discipline is the hit that Matt Cooke had on Marc Savard. On March 7th, Cooke hit Savard high at his head and Savard went down with a "serious concussion." Savard had to be carted off on a stretcher and it looks like he may miss the rest of the season. Cooke also has a recent history of dirty hits. He was suspended twice in the last 2 seasons (2 games each) for head hits on Artem Anisimov and Scott Walker. What did Cooke get for this hit? NOTHING. No penalty. No fine. No suspension. No justice.

There was also the hit that Flyers Mike Richards put on David Booth of the Florida Panthers in October. This was a similar hit to Savard's in which Booth was out for 45 games with a Grade 3 concussion. Richards also received no suspension. The reason that "disciplinarian" Campbell provided for not suspending Cooke is that he needed to remain consistent with this decision to not suspend Richards. Obviously, this consistency was thrown out 7 days later with Ovechkin.

These are not the only examples of NHL conduct problems. There have been dirty hits in the NHL for years. The NHL should have its rules defined by now. Clearly I disagree with Ovechkin's suspension. I do disapprove of the hit, but I think a 5 minute major would have sufficed. However, it is not simply because of my own opinion of the hit. I do not agree with the suspension more due to the inconsistency of the NHL's punishments. How come goons with prior troubles who make dirty hits can get off with a slap on the wrist at best? Does Campbell only suspend Ovechkin to make a statement because he is a great, high-profile player? Or is it because Campbell may be out for the season? Punishments and rules should be consistent across the board no matter who the player is or how injured the victim becomes.

Source by Andrew Berdak

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Fishing BIG Ponds For BIG BASS!

Me and one of my good friends Paul Cuffaro went out bass fishing and absolutely crushed the fish! Topwater bite was really good also!

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Camera: Sony a6300

Song used: Tonez&Re-C – Kyoto by @TONEZPRO (OFFICIAL)
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0

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Black Hat Golf Tips with Tony Meechai | 2016 USA Series Episode #1: Baseball and Golf are Related!

Voted Top Professional Golf Coach in Asia, PGA Professional Tony Meechai, shares his simple concepts to game improvement. His unique teaching philosophy has been proven to help thousands of golfers better understand their own golf swings and how to lower their scores. Black Hat Golf Tips with Tony Meechai is featured in ASIAN GOLF, Asia’s leading publication. The USA Series features segments in which Tony Meechai returns to his hometown in Red Bud, Illinois to spread his Multi-Disciplined Platform (MDP) Curriculum. This method covers improvement in Swing Dynamics, Golf Fitness and Nutrition, and Mental Toughness.


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Fishing Texas Grass For BIG Bass

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How to House Train a Dog Tips

When you begin to house train a dog, it is good to have a number of tools at your disposal. These tips should make house training much easier.

Always follow a routine when you house train a dog. The best times to bring your dog outside to potty are after a play session, nap or feeding time. If you stick to a specific schedule, your dog will begin to learn that schedule. If you are inconsistent, then you are training your dog to be inconsistent and you will only confuse your dog and it obviously will take longer to train that dog.

Another good tip to remember is to feed your dog at the same times every day. Just as we have a set lunch hour at our jobs, dogs will be more easily house trained if they eat at set periods during the day. After they eat they will most likely need to go to the bathroom so if you feed them at the same time daily they will get used to going to the bathroom after they eat at set times as well. While they are young, it is common for most dogs to need to eat about 3 times per day. If you or someone else is there with them during this process, it will be much easier to house train a dog.

How to house train a dog can be tough, remember that with the proper training this problem can be overcome. How to house train a dog can be easy with the correct training!

Source by Maria Sole Anthony

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Sports Betting – The Hard Way to Make an Easy Living

When I first started betting online, I hit an amazing winning streak. While I was always freakishly interested in sports, and quite intuitive in picking bets, this winning streak was way beyond lucky. I have never quite experienced anything like it before or since.

On fifty bets, I missed three, and at the end of this streak my bankroll was about twenty times larger than when I started out. Back then, I knew nothing of all the things I now preach as essential, least of all bankroll management. I was happily, and foolishly, betting ten percent of my bankroll on single bets.

That the streak was about to come to an end, I was blissfully unaware. I thought I had it made and I had already started looking at the fancy cars and huge mansions I would buy. It felt as if my dream had come true, sports betting was going to make me rich.

What actually happened was that my luck turned, and since i was making way to large bets, soon my bankroll had taken a huge hit. The dream was gone.

I started educating myself on all the probability theory involved, on betting systems and money management. I expanded my portfolio of sportsbooks. Since then, I have been successful. But not in a rapid, get rich quick way. In a slow, lots-of-effort, sometimes frustrating way. I have learned that to be successful in this game, you need to be patient and disciplined.

If you want to be a successful sports gambler, you need to realize this too. You are not going to pick with an 80 percent success rate against the spread in the long run. Nobody is going to sell you can't-miss picks for twenty bucks, or sell you the rights to an advanced sports betting computer program that will make you filthy rich.

You need to put in the work and become an expert in the sport of your choice. You need to understand the basic principles of probability theory. You need to remain calm during losing, and winning, streaks. You need to understand why a line or a odds is way off. If you can not think of a reason, you need to wonder if maybe you are the one who is way off.

Simply, you need to make bets with a positive expected value, while managing your bankroll in a sensible way. Becoming a successful sports bettor is not that difficult in theory, you will find, however, that it certainly can be in practice.

Source by Thomas Nielsen

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How to Make a Smooth Golf Swing Instead of Hitting At the Ball

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I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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How to Catch Bass on Poppers – Fly Fishing for Bass

If my 10 year old can catch bass on poppers you can too! Fly fishing for largemouth bass on poppers is fun and there are LOTS of public waters to fish for bass.


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Basic Dog Training Tips for Taming Your Dog

All dog owners should know some basic dog training methods, as these aspects will be very helpful in the everyday life to train your pet dog various basic and useful techniques on dog obedience, developing desirable results and encouraging excellent behavior for your dog.

Difficulty of the command

Always beginning teaching your puppy or dog the easyest command (s) possible so that difficult ones would be easier to learn at a later stage. Remember, slow and steady. Your dog would not be able to follow advanced skills and that will frustrate both you and your pet.

The 12 most important basic dog training commands for any dog ​​owner are:

Leave It
Drop It

1. Consistency of the commands

Basic dog training methods can be taught efficiently and effectively by repeating with the same commands, pointing out the desired action, reinforcing the good behavior and keeping your pet's attention. You should do it many times during the day including during play time and while walking your dog. An excited tone should be used to encourage good behavior and a stern voice for incorrect behavior.

2. Timing Your Dog Training

Dogs respond best to short, sharp commands so training moments with your dog should be short, intense and interesting so that it does not lose his attention, interest and capability of responding to the demands. Dogs do NOT work well with long words or complicated pronunciations.

3. Praise And Rewarding Your Dog

Always praise and reward your dog the moment it responds to your commands. Rewards may be represented by play time or food so that the learning process would have improved gradually. If you decide to reward your dog with food, remember to just give a small treat and not a fever. Once your dog has learned your commands and hand signals, begin to give less rewards.

4. Avoid giving in to your pet's every desire.

Many dog ​​owners tend to overlook this because … "is not it hard to say no to a fluffy puppy"? Always exercise discipline first and then affection. Never give out rewards just because your dog gives you a pitiful or cute look but only when he or she performs a correct behavior. Do not spoil your dog. Rewarding them with incentives without them earning it will degrade the value of the reward given when they perform good behavior.

Source by Ryan Chin

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Leveraging small moments to create big training benefits…

This is a really great training video from Shelby, with The Good Dog New Orleans. In this clip, she demos how to properly load and unload your dog from your car. There are lots of valuable…


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In this weeks Impact Show special guest George Gankas talks about the golf posture and how this can help you get into a better position at impact


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‘Water Fools’ (Fous de Bassin) part 1

Derwentwater Sat 11 Aug 2012. The Car arrives at the start of the show, on Derwentwater. Performed by the ilotopie group from France.


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Cheating in the NFL

Who would have thought it would come to this? What has professional sports come to with cheating? NBA, MLB, and Hockey have been caught cheating and now the NFL is joining the rest of the professional sports leagues as a sport that cheats.

As a former NFL player, I would always hear the saying, "If you're not cheating, you're not trying." Pretty sad is not it? Well, I think the Patriots took that statement to heart and that is why they got caught. Unfortunately, cheating is much more common in the NFL than fans realize.

When I played in the NFL, there were many teams that I played against that "magic" seemed to know what our plays were. There were teams that I played against where I would ask myself, "How on earth do they know what we are running?"

You should know that cheating runs rampant in the NFL and it is not just the Patriots that are cheating. Yes, they got done because they made their cheating too obvious. But make no mistake about it, it is a fact that all NFL teams cheat to some extent.

In my NFL career I was taught that a team has to do whatever it can do to get an advantage over the competition, and that cheating is considered okay as long as you do not get caught. It is just a part of the game. But in my heart I knew that cheating was wrong. As professional athletes and professional sports teams, we are expected to be setting a good example of the highest level of sports. But we are not setting a good example. We are not playing fair. Maybe you can say cheating is fair because everyone is doing it but I think it is wrong. I believe in fair competition and what is happening in professional sports with cheating is a disgrace.

Another huge problem caused by pro teams cheating is that it teaches our children that cheating is ok – as long as you do not get caught. As pro athletes and sports teams, we need to set an example and teach kids that cheating is wrong.

Cheating is a black and white issue and there should be no gray areas. You can not say cheating is okay for some things but wrong for other things. Cheating is always wrong and it can not be tolerated. Cheating has a snowball effect. Kids learn that if they do not get caught, cheating is okay. So, after cheating a few times on small things and not getting caught, they move up to cheating on bigger things. That is when the real problems start as children and young adults do not understand the consequences for their actions, and by cheating they are being dishonorable human being. If you can not be trusted to play fair, you should not be allowed to play.

I feel that teams that cheat need to be punished and punished very severely. Including being fined and penalized with losing draft choices. Your team should automatically lose the game too. Coaches cait cheating should be suspended without pay for the season, or even fired. There has to be a system in place where the consequences of cheating are so severe that teams will not risk getting caught. It is sad that it has come to this but cheating can not be tolerated.

Source by Martin Chase

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