Hybrid Striped Bass Fishing Tips extra (Carolina Rig, Fish Cleaning)

Extra Video from the Skiatook Lake hybrid striped bass fishing show. Learn how to setup a Carolina rig for fishing with Shad and how to properly clean your fish.


bass fishing tips and tricks to catch more bass

fishing tips for bass fisher. Few tips of what i do when i cant get the fish to bite. Then my next video will be how to spend less and get more if i get a few likes.


First Largemouth Bass of the year + Multi Species fishing at Haddon Lake (NJ)

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04/17 — I went to Newton Lake in Collingswood and Haddon Lake in Haddon Heights for different Species of fish. I ended up catching my first Largemouth Bass of the year at 2.5lbs, as well as some Bluegill, Black Crappie, and a nice landlocked White Perch.

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Long Days and Pleasant Nights! Tight lines, Youtube viewers!

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Swimbait fishing the Northeast – Part 1 of 4

Without question swimbait fishing is exciting. No other technique focuses solely on targeting huge fish. And while on the west coast (specifically California) the approach is decades old, for those of us in other regions it is still catching on. As a northeast angler I wondered if all the information I was finding would pertain to me here. We all know the west coast as well as many southern states can produce bass significantly larger than those found in the northeast, midwest, and even mid-atlantic regions. So, fueled by both the desire to catch a new PB as well as conduct somewhat of an experiment, in 2015 I will be focusing on the swimbait technique and big lure philosophy to see if the same approach that works in the west and the south can work just as well here in the northeast. To be clear there have been and continue to be many other northern swimbait anglers…I am certainly not the first. But, I wanted to create a series of videos on the topic to show the gear, talk about the style, and hopefully educate other beginners who are thinking of undertaking the endeavor of focusing on large fish.


Daily Fantasy Lobby – Yahoo Moves Into Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports could be set for a massive power-shift, as internet A-lister Yahoo announces its intentions to move into DFS.

The Daily Fantasy Lobby guys discuss the possible ramifications of such a groundbreaking move.

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How Daily Fantasy Sports Work

How Daily Fantasy Sports Work
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Big Bass Caught on Lizards – Spring Bass Fishing During the Spawn

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Lizards are great to use in the Spring because largemouth bass have an instinct to protect their nests from intruders like lizards and salamanders. I use a Zoom magnum lizard and fish in near spawning areas around grass.


Striped Bass Fishing with Bunker Raritan Bay April 25th 2015

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April 25th, 2015 i ran the Down Deep Bullet with Capt. Mario and The Lip. Excellent fishing with a lot of laughs. The fish eye lens in the camera doesn’t do the fish much justice but i hope you enjoy the video. Book your trip now. Give Captain Mario a call at 609-827-1232. Please like, comment, and subscribe. – Johnny Bucktails


Bass Fishing Percy Priest Lake in Nashville Tennessee

I had the opertunity to fish with my good buddy Brandon Gibson from Gun Time with Brandon.


#One2Eleven – Florent Malouda – The Fantasy Football Club

Former France and Chelsea winger Florent Malouda picks his Fantasy Football Club #One2Eleven.

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Search Baits for Clear Water Bass Fishing – How to Catch Bass – Spring Largemouth Fishing Tips

In this how to bass fishing tips video, Texas Bass Guide, Stephen Fatherree, http://www.mylakeforkguide.com explains what bass lures to use when fishing on clear water lakes. A jerkbait, lipless crankbait, swimbait, and umbrella rig are all great fishing baits for finding bass during the spring prespawn spawn and postspawn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dah9RyuO7SM


Upsize Crankbait Hooks to Catch More Bass

Elite Series Pro John Crews demonstrates how a quick hook swap can cause your favorite crankbait to suspend or even slowly sink. This works year-round, but is especially effective around brush and in cold water.


Webinar: “Locating and Catching Bass in Deep Water” with Jeremy Starks

Navionics Pro Jeremy Starks talks about techniques for locating and catching bass in deep water.

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Swim Bait Fishing for Smallmouth Bass cold water

Casting Swim baits for bass in spring an fall is very effective for catching fish.


Use the French Fry Rig to Catch Fry Guarding Bass

Post spawn bass can be TOUGH to make bite, but they have a hard time refusing a french fry! Mike Iaconelli digs into the details on a weightless french fry rig to trigger bites from fry guarding bass.

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10 signs you may be a fantasy sports addict

10 signs you may be a fantasy sports addict.


Fantasy Golf – Zurich Classic Picks & Betting Preview

http://fantasysportsnetwork.com – Pat Mayo and Geoff Fienberg debate their Zurich Classic picks and the week in betting on the PGA Tour…

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How to Catch Bass With Live Bait


Epic Trick Shot Edition | Dude Perfect

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Daily Fantasy Lobby – Discussing PokerStars’ Move into Daily Fantasy Sports

PokerStars is the leading name in Online Poker – and now they have announced their move into DFS.

Christy and David discuss the possible repercussions of this ENORMOUS development.

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Best Ever Smallmouth Bass fishing tips by The Iowa Guide Spirit lake

Finesse fishing a X-Rap Rapala jerkbait is what I would call it. Talented fishing guide Doug Burns makes this effective tactic look easy but it takes real skill and practiceto accomplish. Very effective method of catching Smallmouth and Walleye Pike. Doug tells me West Okoboji is one of BASS top fishing lakes in the United States. Angling for Free Fishing Videos? Here is a video on Fishing Tips and Tricks, I do video on many species such as Catfish, Walleye, Muskie, Northern, Panfish, Salmon to include most freshwater and some saltwater fish. Information good from Fishing Pro to Novice angler will like this instruction where you can Discover Fishing when you are on the hunt for big fish. I will be talking about Fish, Fishing, Outdoors, lures, boats, motors, rods, reels, Bass, Boating, and wildlife.


Fantasy Football – Early 2015 RB Rankings

http://fantasysportsnetwork.com – Pat Mayo joins Garion Thorne to discuss his 2015 RB rankings. Who should be at #1? Is Matt Forte no longer a worthy RB1? Find out all that and more here.

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