Fishing Tournament Lessons

Elite Series James Niggemeyer talks candidly about the worst tournament year of his career and the lessons he learned and what he’s going to dedicate himself to next season. Some great words of advice in this. It’s always good to listen to avid professional tournament fishing competitors and here how they overcome the adversities


Kayak Bass Fishing the Colorado River

Another adventure in the Hobie kayaks with me and Craig. We head to the Colorado river just outside of Austin, TX to see if we can find some good river spotted bass. With a big rain the night before, creating lots of current and muddy water, it was tough to fish and even harder to get paddle against the river. With such a long trip, about 16 miles, we had to get it in gear and paddle our way down the river for many hours just to make sure we got off the water in time. We managed to catch 4 bass, enjoy a good work out with good scenery, and have an adventure to remember for sure!

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Senko (5″) for Largemouth Bass Fishing


Wacky Worms for Largemouth Bass Fishing


Fishing for Deep Largemouth bass in the Summer

Largemouth fishing in Lake couchiching.

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Tips for Fishing Deep Crankbaits

Just some thoughts and observations about cranking big deep divers. I sort of rambled on in this piece but wanted to share some fish catches from this summer and thoughts I had while getting these fish to bite. One thing I forgot to mention in the video. I wind the crankbaits fast because I’m fishing in current. If you’ve seen bass chase bait in current, they run them up there as fast as possible and then grab them while they are disoriented. The bait runs like mad across the bottom darting left and right. Just like a hard reeled crankbait.


Fishing with Rod: A Deep Sea Big Surprise

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While jigging for halibut in the Pacific Ocean on the West Coast of Vancouver Island near Ucluelet, Rod hooks something rather big.

Many thanks to Big Bear Salmon Charters, Black Rock Oceanfront Resort, Gibbs Delta Tackle for making this project possible.

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Camera: Rodney Hsu, Dion Lauriente, Shane Ito, Carlo Ng
Edit: Rodney Hsu
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2013 Collegiate Bass Fishing Open – Day 1

We head to Kentucky Lake in Paris, TN, for Day One action of the 2013 Collegiate Bass Fishing Open.

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Swim Jigs for Summer to Fall Transition Bass Fishing

Mark Menendez uses a swim jig on shallow wood cover when the bass are moving from summer deep offshore spots to shallower fall backwater spots. He can do a lot of different things with a swim jig and it presents as the main forage this time of year (baitfish and bream). He catches a few fish while illustrating his point in this fishing video.


Fishing the Wood with Soft Plastic Worms for Largemouth Bass