How To Catch A Bass While Fly Fishing

Tom Rosenbauer shows the basics of how to target bass and catch them with a fly.

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Bass Fishing with Topwater Frogs

Bass fishing with topwater frogs in Minnesota lakes. I share some of my tips and tricks to help you boat more topwater largemouth bass using frogs. A good topwater bite is hard to beat when it comes to bass fishing. It’s explosive, and it’s awesome!
It’s hot and the water temps are up along with all the vegetation. Dog days of summer have arrived! Minnesota’s lakes are filled with fish and out pulling frogs over them. Get up, get out, and get after it! Practice catch and release. Minnesota Outdoor Journal. Bass fishing with topwater frogs!


White Bass fishing

Hello everyone sorry once again that i have not been making videos lately we have been having rain again. Here in this video i am using a simple set up that everyone can use. I was catching these fish really fast! I hope you all enjoy the tips and the video! Good luck and good fishin everyone!


Largemouth Bass Fishing Lake Casitas Southern California – with Rich Tauber

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Im John and I love to fish! I also enjoy pranks and gaming.
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Johns Game Channel

Thanks for watching! I love to fish. I mostly chase elusive Muskies,
huge large-mouth, trophy small mouth, walleye, pan-fish, and many many other
freshwater species. I will eventually be getting into
ocean/saltwater fishing.


Bass Fishing with Bluegills. The Ultimate Bluegill by Mattlures.

Lure: Mattlures Ultimate Bluegill
Rod: 7′ 10 Duckett Extra Heavy
Reel: Shimano Curado 200I
Line: Stren 17 lb. mono

I found an excellent new swimbait that looks and swims exactly like a live bluegill. It swims with a lifelike motion and has as good of a paint job as I have ever seen. If the fish are feeding on bluegills, they will not be able to pass this up.

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Catching a few bass on 10XD using Halos new Extra Deep cranking rod with Revo Gen 3 winch

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Sewer Bass fishing (part 2)

More sewer Bass fishing


Largemouth bass LOVE JIgs

Season 11 eps 11- This episode is for all the people who love flippin` or pitchin` jigs for largemouth bass. Karl is fishing a popular cottage lake that has many boat docks, sunken trees, logs and a wide assortment of locations that largemouth bass love to hide. See how Karl decides what jig to use and how he uses it to set hook into some mighty impressive bass.


Augusta Outdoors – The World Record Largemouth Bass

The largest bass ever captured was caught right here in Georgia! Caught by George Perry on June 2, 1932, it weighed 22 pounds, 4 ounces and is the most sought after sport fishing record in history. This was during the Great Depression and times were tough. George and his family lived on a farm and due to rain, he couldn’t get out in the field to work his crops. So, the next best thing to do? Go fishing.


Beetle Spin Fishing the Canals for Largemouth Bass

🐟 Johnson Beetle Spin –

Was a little rough out on the main lake so I did some fishing in the canals with the beetle spin. Didn’t take too long to find some largemouth bass to catch. One after another I was reeling in some beautiful largemouth bass, didn’t catch any real lunkers, but had a merry old time landing these fish.

Ended up catching a baby musky along with a little smallmouth bass as well. Was waiting for that big northern pike to bite, but never did. It was still an enjoyable day out on the lake, it always is!

Anyone looking for a great lure to try in shallow regions of your lake, give the Beetle Spin a whirl. I attach a gold willow leaf spinner for more fish catching power. Through many years of testing, find that bass and many other species of fish respond better to the willow leaf blade compared to the teardrop blade. Matched up with a white split tail body, just dynamite!

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β€’ Bomber Deep Long A 3 1/2 inch Bengal Fire Tiger β†’

β€’ Ugly Stik Elite Spinning 6′ Medium β†’

β€’ Shimano Sienna 2500RD β†’

β€’ 10lb Berkley Trilene XT Monofilament β†’

‒ GoPro HD Hero2 Camera→

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