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My Biggest Tournament Bass, 2017, USA Bassin Regionals, Lake of the Ozarks!

My Biggest Tournament Bass, 2017, USA Bassin Regionals, Lake of the Ozarks!

Day 2, September 24th, 2017, at Robins Resort official tournament host.

near 6 lb bass by Randy Yancey, Bass Angler
Randy Yancey Tournament Angler,  Usa Bassin Regional Finals, Lake of the Ozark, Day 2, September, 24th, 2017

Caught this one at 2:40 pm with weigh in at 3 pm!


Lure used, Arkie 350 crankbait, 8-11′ diver in Blk/White Splatterback!

Reel Used- Quantum, KVD HPT150, 7:1.1

Rod Used-Denali AC703F 7′ Med. Hvy, Custom Made UltraFlex

Line Used-Berkley Transition 12lb Flouro

Check Out Other Big Bass Videos at our Youtube Channel, BassinFools!

Thanks for Viewing,

Randy Yancey, Bass Angler, Springfield, Mo 65807


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Best Movies of 2018 You’ll Want to Watch!

Best Movies of 2018 You’ll Want to Watch!

These You Won’t Want to Miss!

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Dog Training Tips – Proofing Behaviors


How can you better test your dog’s intelligence and learning capabilities during the dog training process? This is a question that gives trouble to many dog owners or dog trainers. What does it mean? Does it matter to efficiently proof your dog’s behaviors?

What is it?

A short definition of the “proofing behavior concept” means a way or method to strengthen and strongly imprint all the commands and techniques learned by the dog. This definition doesn’t say much to most dog owners and it could be somewhat known by dog trainers today.

Proofing behaviors during or after the dog training process is something simple and fun to achieve. Just imagine that the weather is bad (cold weather, snowing/raining), not appropriate for dog walking or exercising. This is a great opportunity to fine-tune your dog’s behavior and commands understanding in the comfort of your home.

How to do it?

You might say that your home isn’t a good environment to practice various training commands, for the simple fact that your dog might break stuff and make a mess on the floor etc. Not true.

Proofing your dog behaviors is simple enough: it’s a way to make sure that your dog understands the commands properly and doesn’t mistake or ignores certain actions. For the common understanding, making sure that your dog doesn’t jump when you voice the “sit” command.

To properly start this proofing behavior process, you must first assess all the dog training commands the dog has been familiarized with. Write them down on a list if you forget some of them. This list will be as a schedule for you, but remember not to overstress and overwork your dog with it. A short session produces more results than a long and exhausting one.

Examples of proof behaviors

The “sit”, “fetch”, “quiet”, “come here”, “help” are terms are common dog training commands, used especially to see the dog obedience training level achieved by the dog. The method to proof these command is to use a variation of words that differs phonetically from “sit” (examples: spit, slit, sleep) in order to observe the behavior of your dog. More precisely, to see if the dog becomes confused and even does a different action than sitting down or fetching a toy, etc.

In order to better see the behavior response of your dog, you can mix this words variation with confusing movement and actions. Voice a command by covering your mouth with a hand and see if your dog understands or ignores your words. Try turning to a side or with your back to the dog. Voice the command again and see if the dog acts upon it. Go in the other room and voice a command, while the TV is on. If you have some special hand signals that your dog was used to, try those too.


You must understand that this proof behaviors process isn’t successful right away. Your dog is familiarized with most training commands. He will be confused when hearing some but will achieve other command actions immediately. This is a continuous learning process, ment to increase the reliability and response of your dog. This proofing method will keep your dog from getting bored and you will enjoy it too.

Source by Markus Michellini

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Face to Face with a mountain lion in the woods in Oregon! 

Scares the crap out of a person!

Click Below, and Be……..

Face to Face with a mountain lion in the woods in Oregon! 

You’ll never go for a bike ride in the mountains without a weapon, again!

Go Here for this terrifying video!    https://youtu.be/d4FbHzeCJjM



Then, a mountain lion screams in the woods!

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Most Efficient Solar Panel

Most Efficient Solar Panel – 2017

The most efficient solar panels of today!

Solar Panel Efficiency Into the Future!

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Top 10 Best Video Games of the Year (2017)

Top 10 Best Video Games of the Year (2017)

It might have been a weird year, but thankfully that’s the sort of environment that’s perfect for some really, really good games! These are the games of 2017 that are the best of the best; critical darlings and true crowd pleasers, the very best reviewed, the most enjoyable and the most played games to have come out this past year. Welcome to http://WatchMojo.com and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Games of 2017!

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►►How To Stop Your Dog Chewing The Leash | Doggy Dans DogTraining Video

Click The Below Link To Get advanced dog training free trial: http://www.mydog-training.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You walk …


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Fantasy Baseball – When to Start Playing for Next Year

If you've played rotisserie-league baseball for more than a couple of years, you've probably finished out of the money at least once or twice. Without you are a lucky owner in a league full of chumps, you've had to end a season where you had Kerry Wood, John Smoltz, Derek Lee and Todd Helton all end up with extended stays on the DL. In such situations, there is often no way to turn your team around. You simply have to face up to a lower-division finish. Hey, it happens in the major leagues as well as fantasy baseball.

The trick is knowing when to cut bait on a losing team to maximize your chances of winning in the coming years. For inspiration, let's look at a couple of MLB teams who have either sprung up from the depths of futility, or have remained stuck in "loser" mode.

Detroit Tigers

Year ………… Record …………. Payroll

2007 ………… $ 95 million

2006 ………… 95-67 ………….. $ 82 million

2005 ………… 71-91 ………….. $ 69 million

2004 ………… 72-90 ………….. $ 46 million

2003 ………… 43-119 ………….. $ 49 million

2002 ………… 55-106 ………….. $ 55 million

2001 …………… 66-96 …………… $ 49 million

When the Tigers won the ALCS in 2006, it had been nearly 20 years since the organization had been to the postseason. Detroit hit rock bottom in 2003, winning only 43 games (a .265 winning percentage), one of the worst seasons in the history of Major League Baseball. That season, the Tigers' salary ranked 24th out of 30 Major League teams. The next season, Detroit won 72 games, an amazing increase of 29 games over the previous year. Only AFTER they experienced success with their younger, inexpensive players did they begin to substantively increase the team payroll in 2005.

When team ownership saw that they needed a few more stars to contend, they added veteran pitcher Kenny Rogers, closer Todd Jones and infielder Placido Polanco, all at multi-million dollar departments. Of course, the 2006 season was a smashing success, but despite the high salary, the team's foundation is still its youth. That young, inexpensive nucleus should make the Tigers competitive for years to come.

An important part of the Tigers' success has been player evaluation. In the same way, a fantasy team owner needs to assess which players will help the team in the coming years at minimum cost. Players such as Jeremy Bonderman, Mike Maroth, Brandon Inge, Craig Monroe and Jamie Walker all made huge contributions in 2006 at very affordable salies (under $ 3 million apiece). Those players had all been around for a couple of seasons, and the team decided they were worth keeping. Combining these guys with the outstanding core of young players and adding in a few well-chosen veterans at the right time has been the Tigers' recipe for success.

Baltimore Orioles

Year ………… Record …………. Payroll

2007 ………… ……………… $ 93 million

2006 ………… 70-92 ………….. $ 72 million

2005 ………… 74-88 ………….. $ 73 million

2004 ………… 78-84 ………….. $ 51 million

2003 ………… 71-91 ………….. $ 73 million

2002 ………… 67-95 ………….. $ 60 million

2001 ………… 63-98 ………….. $ 74 million

If you want to have a fantasy team stuck in mediocrity for years, emulate the Orioles. They have not had a winning team in years, yet team payroll is consistently in the top half of the league. They already add players for huge sums who are at or near the end of their careers, yet do not have the strong nucleus of young players or the roster of talented veterans to support those mid-level acquisitions.

Here's a list of recent seasons, and some of the high-salaried players who did not live up to their billing:


Albert Belle …….. $ 13 million

Scott Erickson …. $ 7 million


Omar Daal ………. $ 4.5 million

David Segui ……… $ 7 million


Sammy Sosa …….. $ 17 million

Sidney Ponson …. $ 8.5 million


Kris Benson ……… $ 8 million

Javy Lopez ………. $ 9 million

Bruce Chen & Rodrigo Lopez ….. $ 4 million each

This year, it's more of the same. The names change, but the result will be similar to past years …


Danys Baez ………. $ 6 million

Kris Benson ……… $ 7 million

Jaret Wright …….. $ 7 million

Perhaps Orioles management will get the hint after 2007. They have a developing core of young players, such as Erik Bedard, Daniel Cabrera and Corey Patterson, but they lack the superstar talent to justify spending over $ 90 million. They consistently bring in players like Kevin Millar, Jay Payton, Steve Trachsel and Aubrey Huff, all of what will probably be out of baseball in three years.

This is an organization with no direction. They seemingly can not bring themselves to admit that there's not enough talent to win, and scrap the whole thing and start over.

Do not do this with your fantasy team. If you are not going to win this year, be the first to start dealing your overpriced players to contending teams. You will get the best deals in return. Load up that roster with promising, young players and head into next year's draft looking to pick up a couple of superstars with an eye on contending in the next year or two.

Source by Scott Campanella

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Catching 15 Pounds of bass on Pomme de Terre, SW Missouri, IN 3 Hours!

Catching 15 lbs of bass on Pomme de Terre lake in southwest Missouri.
A Warm Halloween half day of fishing last year. Caught all Fish
on a KVD Strikeking 2.5 Square Bill Crankbait


Dog Training Techniques That Work

The right dog training techniques will turn your cute canine into a well-behaved dog. Certainly, you do not want it to jump into guests or gnaw on your furniture. So, training it is really necessary. But what kind of training should you give it? Well, experts know the best ways to train dogs. They also know what kind of punishments the dogs must receiver. After all, it is their profession. However, it is a lot better if you will handle the training yourself because dogs tend to become accustomed to their trainers. And unless you want your dog to be loyal to the expert that you have hired instead of you, you must train it yourself.

Anyway, you can purchase dog training videos and manuals to help you with the dog training techniques. There are numerous stores as well as online shops that sell these items. Neverheless, almost all training guides will tell you the same things. So, here are a few dog training techniques that you can do. First is the body block technique. This works by taking away your dog's space or freedom temporarily. Whenever your dog goes into an area that it is not allowed to go, correct it by body blocking its way. You just have to block it, though, and never hurt it. Do not hit, beat, or poke your dog. On the other hand, you can also temporarily take away its space or freedom by commanding it to stay in place.

Then, you can also make use of marks and non-marks. These do not always need to be verbal, though. You can use clickers, bells, or keys to create a distinct sound. However, you must take note that it is crucial to be consistent so your dog will not be stressed and confused. A lot of dog owners become problematic because they do not implement the dog training techniques properly. They are not consistent with the marks and non-marks they use. And they also do not communicate with their dogs often. Nonetheless, if your dog ignores the non-mark, you have to follow up with an appropriate action.

This will make your dog realize that ignoring the non-mark will result in unfavorable consequences. But you must keep in mind that physical action must never be used. You can simply take away its valued resources. For instance, if your dog likes to attack the delivery boy, remove its access to the front door. You can body block it so it will not be able to reach that person. Do this every time it attempts an attack until it finally learns that attacking people is not good.

Moreover, you can also pose a no-attention rule. This is one of the dog training techniques that really work. Whenever your dog becomes hyperactive and restless, do not give it any attention. Ignore it completely until it calms down. Then, once it is calm, you can pet or praise it as its reward for being in that condition. Pretty soon, it will stop jumping on your guests. This technique best works on dogs that are always seeking for attention. However, it can be difficult to follow for individuals who can not resist giving attention to their dogs.

Source by Jayasiri K Opatha

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How to train your dog in Hindi : dog training in hindi

hello guys
ager ap apne dog ko train karna chahte hai to ap hmari videos dekh sakte hai unke links ye hai :

All About Deworming And Parasite Treatment With Solutions in Hindi:

Smart Dogs Training Ab Tak
Ye Sab Videos Upload Kar Chuka Hai (LINKS BELOW) :

SIT -https://youtu.be/IEaB3tF3x0M

DOWN- https://youtu.be/f6CkpiY3taU

LAY DOWN- https://youtu.be/vS1WBB_CErw

ROLL- https://youtu.be/GFwZaItaCAo


SHAKE HAND- https://youtu.be/JJmN7Hzg0xc

FOOD PERMISSION- https://youtu.be/fjJsoSx4r6A

BARK AND SPEAK- https://youtu.be/8KeceIgXFHI

ZIG ZAG- https://youtu.be/wmdHRDZ1U7M

POTTY TRAINING – https://youtu.be/JYHGF1MdIqc

BITING TRAINING- https://youtu.be/mkb2v_W7pNo

CLICKER VS MARKER TRAINING- https://youtu.be/b49IEa4N_4g

WELCOME- https://youtu.be/eeCmpm8mIhw

LABRADOR – https://youtu.be/mduOM7q-KCg
GSD- https://youtu.be/4gq6a8xRs9M

INCREASE DOG HEIGHT – https://youtu.be/1G6zHbq6Dn0


BASIC GUARD TRAINING – https://youtu.be/BP2_rGTrLoM


DOG LEG BEND PROBLEM SOLUTION – https://youtu.be/-N-xUKH2n1c

12 TIPS FOR YOUR DOG : https://youtu.be/QQZR0v4GhNk

deworming and parasite treatment – https://youtu.be/rqfbSFkOJfo

extra {no use }
dog training in hindi
How to train your dog in Hindi


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How To Use Facebook For Affiliate Marketing

Facebook auto post software for affiliate marketing.

If you’re looking to do any kind of affiliate marketing on Facebook, you will need to handle your affiliate links in the right way or Facebook will reject the post.

With Octosuite, you can auto post to Facebook by posting viral videos with your affiliate links in the description.

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Which Drives Better the Subaru WRX or the STI?

Shop Now:

Brendan Hancock and Ben Brooks of Groove Subaru debate which is better: the 2016 Subaru WRX or the 2016 Subaru STI. This time we drive the vehicles for a more rounded debate.
Which Drives Better the Subaru WRX or the STI?
You decide.

Check Us Out Here:

Host: Brendan Hancock
Guest: Ben Brooks
Producer: Justin McMinn

Video Photography and Editing by: Mary Mascarenas


NFL – Sports Handicapping Advice

When the Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts kicked off the NFL 2007 season with the preseason opener, handicappers around the country were getting their minds ready to attack yet another year of football games in the never-ending quest of making money and winning office pools. As a professional handicapper, it is my job to tackle the betting lines each week in a quest to provide winning information to those who seek my service. As a statistics major in college, I have combined the math side of the equation along with proven game trends that have allowed me and my partners to select winners at a 57 percent clip over 20 years. That does not include our five weekly BEST BETS which come in winners at around 62-65 percent. This approach we also use for selecting college football, MLB, and NCAA basketball games.

Now on to our preseason NFL betting trends that we will share with you. One of my favorite betting angles that time and again have proven to be winners is the good old "Home Underdog" scenario. Typically seen when a struggling team plays at home against a winning club, the home underdog angle requires guts and fortitude by the better due to the fact that picking a clearly inferior team against one that is much better goes against every amateur bettor's instincts. For example a typical home underdog the last few seasons was the Houston Texans who seem to struggle every season. Well last season the Texans were home underdogs to the Jacksonville Jaguars who were a playing contending team. The point spread installed the Jags' as 7 point favorites. Many probably saw this game as a gimme and bet heavily on the Jaguars. Well a 27-7 pasting by the Texans made Vegas very happy. This is the perfect type of scenario that betting lines thrive on and what you always have to be on the lookout for. Home underdogs are a great bet and have been a consistent winner for years.

The reason this is so because of the disrespect factor. NFL players are if nothing else, prideful. Being disrespected is about the worst thing you can do to a professional football player and is something that stirs great emotions in those who feel its slight. When a team is playing in front of its home fans, the typical betting line is that the road team gets an automatic 3 points. Once this is established, then the oddsmakers determine the rest based on records, trends, injuries, etc. So after all of these factors are considered, if a team is then made into a home underdog, than what the oddsmakers are really saying is that you are so bad that we think you will get beaten on your own home turf. This drives players crazy and fuels them to prove the naysayers wrong. So what you get is a combustible level of rage, anger, and determination that allow home underdogs to cover at an almost 60 percent clip over the last five seasons. You are probably wondering that if this is so, than why does Vegas do something to change the pointspreads so that they do not lose money on this trend? The answer to that is they do not have to since many bettors still can not resist betting on superior teams over inferior teams, no matter where the contest is taking place.

So your first lesson in the 2007 NFL betting season is that you should pay attention to home underdogs. They are good money makers and will help you get ahead in your office pools. Good luck.

Source by Michael Keneski

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catfish caught while bass fishing

Catfish caught while bass fishing ft.@BaitNwater. i am going to be fishing and catching a catfish.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

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Speaking marketing requires that the speaker understands the concepts that are unique to marketing. In this video Instapage breaks down the definition of the industry’s key terms into real world definitions as provided by some of the most influential players in the digital and tech marketing industry.

Instapage makes the landing page creation process simple. You don’t need to know code. You don’t need to be a designer. All you need is a desire to grow your business. Visit Instapage.com to find which of our plans are best for you and your business.

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Puppy potty training in a Very easy way hindi / urdu 2017 : dog training in hindi



dog training in hindi
how to train your dog in hindi
new potty training video = https://youtu.be/JYHGF1MdIqc
Is video m hmne btaya h kaise apne puppy ko sahi tarike se potty krwane ke liye train kare wo b hindi / urdu m.
ap hmari bat ko follow kariye aur khud result dekhiye…
koi b sawal ho ap video ke niche comment box m puch sakte hai.
english videos will also be uploaded soon
subscribe to our channel and share it thank u guys

dog training in hindi


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